Where In The World Is Will?

At Cannon & Cannon we’ve had the good fortune to hire some fascinating people.  Will Littlejohn, an Associate Engineer in our Knoxville office, is no exception.  He and his friends have set out on the journey of a lifetime.

The adventurous group is backpacking across the Northern Hemisphere and will visit locations in 12 countries over the course of six months.  And yes—he will have a job if, and when, he comes back.  While they drive, hike, ride and float through places such as Iceland, Sweden and China they will document their journey—taking photos of fantastic views, cultural experiences and great people they meet along the way.

Will and his friends will meet many new people and immerse themselves in different cultures.  They hope that many will share stories and invite them into experiences that will help them understand what makes life meaningful for the people they encounter.  Periodically, Will and his friends will document their trip with photos for each day and stories detailing adventures of hitchhiking, mountain climbing and cliff diving.
Day 31 Crater Lake Hiking Up to Watchman in Snow

We want to invite you to join Will’s journey in a blog we are calling “Where in the World is Will?”  We hope you will follow along as he and his friends hear personal stories, make new friends and strengthen their understanding of what different people around the world find important.  We look forward to showing our support and sharing parts of their adventure here. Tune in soon for updates and find out for yourself:  where in the world is Will?

First stop:  California’s National Parks!