Where in the World is Will? West Coast USA

Where in the world has Will been?  Previously, we recapped when he and his traveling companions spent time exploring the great national parks of California.  Today, we follow up with the group after almost two weeks of finishing up locations along the West Coast.  Will’s time spent along the West Coast tallied up to about 20 days starting around May 19, 2014.

Pfeiffer Beach (photo:  Daniel Telsey)

After spending time along the beaches of Highway 1, the boys spent three days in San Francisco.  After fueling their appetite with a 25-mile bike ride around the city, Will ended his day by attempting another eating challenge—a massive donut from Bob’s Donuts that he tried to eat within a 3-minute window.

Will and his friends spent some time exploring the different types of food that can be found in San Francisco.  While they found some interesting dishes—beef brain, tongue and head burritos, for example—they are looking forward to the interesting cuisines of Iceland (fermented shark is pretty popular).

Chinatown (photo:  Daniel Telsey)

After San Francisco came a 5-mile hike to the beach through California’s Redwood Coast.  There, they were able to have some pretty close encounters with the local wildlife.  Currently, more than 160,000 acres of redwoods are protected along the Redwood Coast.  A day and a half was by no means enough to cover all the sights and sounds, but the views they did have were spectacular.

Elk Watching (photo:  Daniel Telsey)Elk Watching (photo:  Daniel Telsey)

Did you know?  Scenes for Steven Spielberg’s movie The Lost World – Jurassic Park were filmed at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Patrick’s Point State Park and Fern Canyon.  Will and his friends were able to explore part of the area where filming took place!

Redwoods (photo:  Daniel Telsey)

After exploring the redwoods, the friends headed to higher elevations to visit Crater Lake in Oregon.  At 1,943 feet deep, this inspirational lake is the deepest in the United States.  They rode bikes in the snow through the park and then scaled up to Watchman Peak to watch the sun set.

Crater Lake (photo:  Daniel Telsey)

After Crater Lake, the trio traveled to Bend and then Portland, checking out the popular microbrewery scene along the way.

Once again, our trekkers were able to experience the hospitality of strangers and get a glimpse into their lives.  Complete strangers were happy to give them a ride to a different area of redwoods before dark so they could camp in the tallest tree grove in the world.  A host family gladly opened their home for them to stay the night with only a day’s notice.  The accommodating family took them on a tour of the area, telling them simply, “What do you need? Just ask and we’ll give it to you.”  The next morning, they experienced the family’s practice of sitting around a fire pit at 6:30 AM for quiet time before starting the day.

Flying Pie Pizzeria - Portland (photo:  Daniel Telsey)

Next up:  Iceland!