Whittle Springs Golf Course

The purpose of the Whittle Springs Golf Course pond is two fold. The City of Knoxville is pursuing areas in which they may realize savings due to energy/resource conservation. One area of potential resource conservation was changing the irrigation of the existing Whittle Springs Golf Course with potable to using recovered storm water and groundwater from an existing well for the courses irrigation needs. The pond provides the 1.2 mG of storage needed for irrigation of the golf course during dry periods. The second purpose of the pond was to create storm water detention and address downstream flooding issues which can be partially attributed to development upstream of the Whittle Springs Golf Course. The pond has been designed to partially detain and release the stored volume at a reduced rate to relieve the impact of storm events on the downstream infrastructure.

To realize the resource conservation potential and address the local storm water issues required the construction of an approximately four (4) foot tall berm on an unnamed tributary to First Creek to create a 46,192 square foot pond. The pond has a permanent wet storage volume of 159,467 cubic feet (1.19 mG) and a storm water detention capacity of 163,675 cubic feet (1.22 mG). A spillway allows for the continued flow of the tributary after construction of the pond. The tributary was diverted around the construction area during grading and construction and the pond was filled using the existing groundwater well and storm water runoff. Additionally, the existing well will be used to supply water to the pond and the tributary during periods of low flow, providing for a relatively stable flow to First Creek from this area.