Public Utilities

Public utilities are more than just systems of water, gas, sewer and power lines that stretch above our cities and wind silently below our schools, churches and homes. They are in fact the essential elements of safe, healthy and happy communities.

Much like the critical systems of the human body, public utilities are essential to healthy living.

In cities, municipal anatomy mirrors our own with clean drinking water pumped from the heart of a community through healthy arteries, waste water is treated and removed from the system to keep it free from harmful bacteria, electrical utilities act as the central nervous system and gas lines warm the food we eat and the homes we live in.

At Cannon & Cannon, we think of public utilities as the critical systems of life.

CCI has full time offices inĀ Tennessee and Kentucky andĀ provides Public Engineering Services including electrical engineering to communities large and small throughout the entire Southeastern United States.

If you’d like to hear more about our complete range of Public Utilities Services, please contact Seth Fischer. With over 16 years of experience planning, designing and seeing through to their completion utility solutions on a wide variety of projects, Seth and his team of imaginative thinkers at Cannon & Cannon can help you keep the system functioning. Just click his pic to find out more.

Public Utility Services: