Not Just Another “Dinner” Dinner

Earlier this summer, Cannon & Cannon attended the Kentucky/Tennessee Water Professionals Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Of course the main purpose of the conference was spending time with our clients and vendors and meeting new people…but we like to add a healthy dose of fun and this year was absolutely AMAZING!

On Sunday afternoon before the conference we continued the tradition of hosting what we usually call “Not Just Another ‘Dinner’ Dinner”. This was an event like nothing we’ve ever hosted before.  We called it the “Amazing Race”.


Part scavenger hunt/part triathlon, our brave “contestants” ran into the hot evening sun for crazy feats of water engineering and team yoga.  They built marshmallow cannons, stuck their hands into boxes of live crickets and even ate the bugs.

Throughout this post, we’ve included pictures from the race, but we really wanted to thank all of our amazing clients, staff and friends who willingly and joyfully joined us in a bit of Southern Craziness.

The volunteer team began setting up early…


…and after a delicious meal from Sticky Fingers BBQ….


They were off and the AMAZING RACE BEGAN!

wpc4   wpc5   wpc6   wpc7   wpc8   wpc9


Here’s a quick recap in no particular order:


The Water Pump Challenge:  To drain all the water from a huge ice bucket using the PVC pieces provided.  Oh and by the way…it had to stand on its own…no help from humans!!!

wpc10   wpc11   wpc12   wpc13   wpc14   wpc16   wpc17   wpc15   wpc18

OK this was allowed:


Roadblock Challenge – Yoga or YMCA:  Teams were given a choice between doing Yoga poses or singing YMCA.  All teams chose to recreate a Yoga Pose we provided as a TEAM and without getting totally embarrassed!  (Too Late).

wpc20   wpc21   wpc22   wpc23   wpc24   wpc25

The Marshmallow Cannon Challenge:  To construct a functional marshmallow cannon for each member of the team using only the parts provided and use the marshmallow gun to snap all of the mouse-trap targets.

wpc26   wpc27   wpc28   wpc29   wpc30

Roadblock Challenge – Teach a Man to Fish or Give a Man a Fish:   Each team could choose to travel to the fishing destination which could put the teams behind or eat the “fish” provided which consisted of ingesting insects. EVERY TEAM chose to eat the bugs.  We’re so proud!

wpc32   wpc31   wpc33

Lock Box Challenge:  Reach into a box of 8,000 LIVE CRICKETS to retrieve tokens and earn the key to “unlock” the final pass to the finish line.

wpc34   wpc35   wpc36

And as the sun began to set on Coolidge Park, our competitors began to cross the finish line.

wpc37   wpc39

And when the final results were tallied, we had a winner!

The winner was…drum roll please…in first place: Warren Country Water District! In second place: Bowling Green Municipal Utilities and in third place: a combined team from First Utility District/City of Maryville/Harriman Utility Board.

3rd Place:  wpc40

2nd Place:  wpc41

1st Place:  wpc42

And honorable mention to all who competed, volunteered and cheered…

City of Kingsport:  wpc43

First Utility District:  wpc44

Candace Vannasdale & Family (Harriman Utility Board):  wpc45

What a fun day with great friends.  In the end we think everyone agrees this was “NOT JUST ANOTHER ‘DINNER’ DINNER!”

Can you imagine what we might have planned for next year???

Can’t wait to see everyone next summer in Covington, Kentucky!