Meet Our Team – Jason Patterson

Each member of the Cannon & Cannon family plays a vital role in the projects we undertake to improve our community. We invite you to meet our team and learn a little more about who and what are behind the scenes of our projects.

Meet Jason, who has been part of the Cannon & Cannon family for more than 16 years! Here are some of Jason’s thoughts about engineering and his journey through the field.

Jason & Angela16 years! That might sound like a mature, well-developed number, but do not forget that is the age when most people are learning to drive. It is probably why I feel like a teenager when I think about how vast and varied the field of engineering is and consider my role within it. I should note that I am not an engineer, I am simply a person who has worked with engineers, has friends who are engineers and I am the son of an engineer.

I am a native to East Tennessee, born and raised in West Knoxville. My first job was mowing neighborhood lawns. Then, at the age of 12, I was hired by a produce store to load and unload daily shipments of produce as well as to stock, clean and maintain the grounds. I still remember the sounds of the woven bushel baskets creaking beneath the weight of all those tomatoes, ears of corn and heads of lettuce and cabbage. I also remember the calluses and sore shoulders, arms and legs that result from those creaking bushel baskets. Yet, at $2.35 an hour and with my own savings account, I had the ability to do anything I liked, which at that time was to purchase G.I. Joe comics and unlimited amounts of ICEEs from Weigel’s.

Jason. You might be thinking, “Why is his name so familiar?” Could you maybe remember me from the 2nd grade Science Fair as the inventor of the solar panel grill? It could cook a hot dog in just under 30 minutes (unfortunately, the microwave robbed me of my impending fame). Perhaps you recognize me as the man Hugh Grant approached at the Atlanta airport to say “hello”? Granted, I was inadvertently standing beside his chauffer… Or maybe it is because every third baby boy born in the 1970s was named “Jason”.

Jason & TaylorI attended Farragut High School and then subsequently graduated from the University of Tennessee. I obtained a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Cellular Biology along with a minor in English. Now, after nearly two decades of freedom from all-night studying and the effects of high doses of coffee, I have returned to UT to relive it all again and pursue a second degree, this time in Civil Engineering (and yes, the only available parking spot sans a permit is still nearly a mile away from all classes).

Once again, I still believe it is important to note that I am not an engineer. Even after I obtain a degree. Even after I obtain a license. An engineer is not who I am. Engineering is too broad a term to be interpreted in a single definition, or to be fulfilled by a single individual. But, each individual is fulfilled by engineering. Every day, everyone uses an aspect of engineering to accomplish a task, no matter how menial or grand. This is what makes engineering so fascinating. It is entwined in our lives and I am thankful to have a small part in it.

Cannon & Cannon is thankful that you are part of our family, Jason!