Meet Our Team – Becky Bottoms

Each member of the Cannon & Cannon family plays a vital role in the projects we undertake to improve our community. We invite you to meet our team and learn a little more about who and what are behind the scenes of our projects.

Rebecca Bottoms, P.E.Meet Becky, a Traffic Engineer who has worked with Cannon & Cannon for nearly a decade. Becky is a native to East Tennessee. Because of this, she is able to give her own unique perspective to our projects by being able to approach and shape her designs both from a maintenance perspective and a community user perspective.

Becky, a native of Powell, Tennessee, enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, and photography. As a child, she wanted to grow up to be an architect or a teacher. “While attending freshman orientation at UT, I was introduced to the field of civil engineering,” she says, “The hands-on disciplines, especially transportation, interested me.” Becky had originally attended Orientation with the plan to study Architecture, but was drawn to the idea of working with projects that impact everyday life.

Her first engineering-related job was as a Summer Intern at Tennessee Department of Transportation. She joined the Cannon & Cannon family in January 2006. As a Traffic Engineer, she is responsible for the study and design of Traffic and Transportation projects. Her areas of expertise include traffic impact and operations studies, intersection design, traffic signal design, street lighting design, signing and pavement marking, and traffic control plans.

With the nature of her job, the types of projects she works with can bring in quite a bit of community involvement. Living in the community herself, she is able to see projects not only from the engineering design side, but also from a community member’s perspective. Interacting with clients and community members while seeing a project become a part of the surrounding community is a big perk of her work.

Of all the types of projects she is able to work on through Cannon & Cannon, she enjoys safety-related projects the most. “Knowing that my involvement with a project has assisted in making a community safer by solving a problem is very satisfying.”

When asked if she would recommend Civil Engineering to a young person as a potential career choice, Becky says, “Absolutely! The field is so broad that a degree in civil engineering provides the opportunity to specialize in a variety of disciplines.”