Lila: 2009-2016



August 2009 – September 2016
On Wednesday, September 7, we lost a good one. Our mascot at the office, and Angie’s faithful black lab, Lila, lost her battle with cancer. 
Lila has been a regular fixture at Cannon & Cannon since October 2009. Because she has impacted so many of our employees, and has in fact impacted many of you who have read these posts and visited our office over the years, it was ‘right’ to share this tough news with you. 
It is said that a dog is the epitome of unconditional love, and Lila lived that well. It is also said that a dog takes on the characteristics of the one she is closest to. And that is most definitely the case when it comes to Lila’s and Angie’s relationship.
Lila had a gift for making folks who visited our office feel at home the minute they walked in. Also, she made a point to visit nearly every employee’s office every day that she was there …while there may have been times that she was on a ‘food scavenger hunt’, she visited everyone whether they had food or not. 
In essence, she has been the perfect reflection of the family culture that Angie has worked so hard to establish at Cannon & Cannon. And that reflection will be deeply missed by the Cannon family and the CCI Family. 
Rest assured that she will continue to be seen prominently on our webpage for some time to come …she has been too much a part of who we are to not let her legacy continue. And there will continue to be dogs greeting you as you come to the office.
But there has been only one Lila, and all of us were most blessed to be touched by her presence. Her time here was way too short, but I think I speak for all of us that we are thankful for the time that we had.
Here are a few links back to some of our favorite #dogtag blogs that Lila so graciously helped us with…we will miss this very faithful companion.
DSC_0105 DSC_0123 Angie & Harold Cannon_DSC1558