A Look Back at the 2015 Water Professionals Conference

It’s that time of year, again! In July, Cannon & Cannon traveled to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, Kentucky for the annual Water Professionals Conference. The WPC is “the largest annual water and wastewater technical conference and exhibition in Kentucky and Tennessee” and we were excited to attend and interact with professionals from all aspects of the industry. “The conference, as usual, was fantastic,” Houston Daugherty says about the event, “It is a a great atmosphere to learn and to meet new friends.”


Every year, one of the highlights from the conference weekend is always our “Not Just Another Dinner” Dinner event. This year’s event:  A Miniature Golf Scramble and Dinner at World of Golf!

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To see more photos of the event and all of our teams, check out our Facebook page here.

After a delicious dinner, 11 teams competed in the Miniature Golf Tournament. We even had special golf balls made for the occasion! After a fierce competition, our winners celebrated their victory:

11751416_1612381982349804_4135412931088575076_n     10401981_1612382015683134_6284993051323238961_n

We had a tie for third place! Congratulations to: (LEFT) Andy Davis, Dwayne and Ramona Frye, Noel and Eden Davis. (RIGHT) Snoderly Family


In second place, we had Daniel Unger, Doug UngerJohn Sullivan, and Craig Brymer.


In first place, we had Herbert Sarten, Terry Hendrick, Doug Kimbler, and Cain Reed!

Overall, everyone seemed to have a great time. Cannon & Cannon had a fantastic time hosting the dinner event and enjoyed spending time with friends.

We look forward to next year in Knoxville!