Wrap Your Head Around Roundabouts

Did you know?

Odds are, someone can drive every day in Knox County and never encounter a roundabout. However, there are roughly a dozen roundabouts in the county today, with the most recent installations being in West Knoxville. Countrywide, the U.S. contains more than 3,000 roundabouts!

A roundabout is a circular intersection where traffic flows in one direction without the use of a traffic light. Roundabouts come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the area in which they are constructed.

Here are a few quick facts about roundabouts:

They are popular in Europe

As of 2010, France had more than 30,000 roundabouts!

In New York, roundabouts are called “traffic circles”

But the term for the same concept is not used in the United Kingdom

Roundabouts are popular places for art installations
Minerva de Guadalajara
Glorieta Minerva (roundabout) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Created to memorialize important historical figures of Guadalajara.

There are different types of roundabouts, and different rules are followed depending on the type and location


Italian RoundaboutItalian map with instructions how to use the roundabout.

Roundabout - Netherlands

Roundabout sign – Netherlands

Different countries post different signs around their roundabouts


Sign - Germany  Sign - US and Canada  Sign - UK    Sign - Australia

(Germany, US & Canada, UK and Australia, respectively)

In Europe, a new type of roundabout is emerging:  The Turbo Roundabout


Turbo Roundabout

Basic shape and design of a Turbo Roundabout

We do that, too!

This is just our “roundabout” way of saying that we are involved in these kinds of projects as well—one might even be near you! Click here to learn more about a roundabout project Cannon & Cannon played a part in. Recently, CCI was also involved with a roundabout project at Choto, with one local resident commenting, “The round-a-bout is great and the recently cut on lights have helped very much. Good job for the county and Choto area. Thank you and all involved.”