Volunteering with Knox ProCorps


For the past 5 years, Cannon & Cannon, Inc. has been volunteering with Knox ProCorps. This organization works in impoverished and undeserved communities to improve water and sanitation by providing engineering and construction services for ministries, non-profit agencies, and/or individuals that need help.

In February, some of our Public Utility Engineers had the opportunity to go to Beverly, Kentucky and work with Red Bird Mission.

Tim Tucker, Seth Fischer, Wes Henderson, and Will Littlejohn did field work for a sewer rehabilitation project sponsored by Knox ProCorps. Red Bird Mission has been serving southwest Kentucky since 1921 and operates a Christian boarding school for American and international students, a medical clinic, and other community outreach programs.

UT architecture students, with the help of Jeff Meadow (CCI Electric Utilities Senior Project Manager) and Merit Construction, built a water station last year to provide clean drinking water for the community.

Will Littlejohn shared with us his experience:

“Our work on Friday was focused on the sewer system.  Red Bird Mission has both gravity and pressure sewer systems, including lift stations and a treatment plant that are aging and in need of repair and replacement.  We took GPS coordinates of existing sewer assets (manholes, pipes, service laterals, etc.) and inspected the manholes.  We will use this information to create mapping of the existing sewer system and recommendations for rehabilitating the sewers.  Eventually, KnoxProCorps will install new e-one grinder pumps, sewer force mains, and rehabilitate the existing gravity sewer system.”

We look forward to seeing the progress that Knox ProCorps makes on the new sewer system to help a very deserving community!