Meet Frank

Hi. I’m Frank.

I recently learned that someone from the office put my picture online on the Facespace or the Tweeter, or whatever. They told me that they wanted me to do an interview and share more about me.

Well, I’m FraFranknk. I’m a seasonal employee… a Land Surveyor/Traffic Control specialist here at Cannon & Cannon. They tell me that I am still a little “green” but I have been here the last two years, so I don’t really understand what they mean by that.

My life here at the office is pretty good. They’re pretty flexible with my responsibilities, especially after the rattlesnake incident…after all, I just stepped on it. It’s not like I meant to hurt it or anything.

When I’m here at Cannon & Cannon, I spend a lot of time directing traffic around the office. I like it because I can stand in one place for a long time, it comes naturally. When I stand around at home I’ve got to deal with birds and squirrels trying to climb all over me—those rodents have no boundaries.

Now, that’s not to say I can’t hold my own. When I’m out with the other Land Surveyors in the field…well let’s just say I’ve earned my place on the crew. Frankie-boy will bend, but he won’t break!  Plus, whenever they need a wooden stake, I always seem to have one.

The folks at the office really like my cologne—apparently I bring some kind of natural “woodsy” scent to the office. And they especially love seeing me this time of the year, I think it’s my “twinkling” personality shining through. 

Anyway, if you’re at the office and happen to see me, stop by and give me a smile and a nod. 

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