a dog blog by Lila
Cannon & Cannon’s “Consulting Canine”



There is something I have to say right away before we go any further.

My name is Lila…and I am a dog.

Yes, a dog.   Four legs, long tail, likes to sniff stuff….That kind of dog.
By now you must be thinking….“No way, how can you be a dog….you can’t be a dog; dogs don’t talk!”

And that is where you would be absotudely, pupsitively, without a doubtedly…Correct!
I can bark, whine, whimper, moan, beg, lick, sneeze, lick, sniff and lick….

But I cannot talk!

But luckily, like most dogs….I DO know how to type.
Lila Typing
And since I know lots of social media tricks, I figured it was finally time to write a blog….
Welcome to “hashtag dogtag” or to use the lingo of us seasoned social media hounds just #dogtag.

As I mentioned, my name is Lila…you say it like “LEE LUH” not “LIE LUH”.

Angie and Harold

I am a 5 year-old Black Lab and I am the proud parent of two adorable humans, Angie & Harold.

I love my life.  I spend half of my time rolling in the dirt and grass at my wonderful farm and half my time at the offices of Cannon & Cannon, Consulting Engineers and Field Surveyors.

Some people call me the office dog, but I prefer to think of myself as a “Consulting Canine”.  My job at Cannon & Cannon is probably the most important job in the office!  I walk around all day and make people smile.  Angie & Harold like happy people and I am really good at what I do.


For my first entry in this new blog #dogtag, I thought I would give you a tour of our Knoxville office and introduce you to some of the people who work here.

Tim Tucker

This is Tim, he’s very nice and smells good…most of the time.  Sometimes he comes back to the office smelling really, really…interesting.  Maybe that’s because one of the things his public utilities group is in charge of is something called “wastewater”.  I have no idea what wastewater is, but I don’t think I would want to drink it.

Brad Salsbury

Above is Brad, he’s in charge of our Construction Phase Services team.  I like Brad…he likes to play “throw”.  Every time I bring him the ball he likes to throw it again.  He’s so cute, I actually think he believes he’s playing with me but we all know it’s the other way around.

This nice man below is called Houston. He is in charge of our Transportation & Traffic department.

Houston DaughertyNow I don’t know a lot about engineering, but I know exactly what Houston does because I LOVE to ride in the car!  Houston and his fellow humans make pretty street lighting and help keep cars moving through busy intersections.  It’s way more fun to be in the car when it’s moving and I can stick my head out the window and Houston makes that happen!

Bob Lusby

To the right is Bob Lusby.  Bob is one of the hardest working people in the office!  He works with a bunch of people who do something called Field Survey.  I really have no idea what that means but I do like fields! He must do a LOT of walking around outside because every time he comes back to the office there are some really yummy smells on his boots!  Some people say Bob can fly.  I don’t believe it, but he’s always nice to me.


There are A LOT of other really nice people here in the offices at Cannon & Cannon and I hope to use this blog to help you get to know all of them better.  I promise to write as often as I can, but I have a lot of really important things to do…in fact right now it’s time to go whine at the conference room door, then after that…a nap.

So for now I gotta go!  Until next time!