Knoxville’s Great Greenways

IMG_5899If you ask a group of Knoxvilians (native or not) to tell you all the things that are great about Knoxville, Tennessee, you are sure to get a different list from each of them. There are so many unique and wonderful things about Knoxville that anyone is sure to find something they love.

Here at Cannon & Cannon, one of our favorite things about Knoxville would have to be the extensive system of greenways available. Users can travel the 86 miles (and growing!) of greenways in Knoxville as a means of traveling from one place to another, visiting historic landmarks, or even enjoying the beautiful natural scenery Knoxville has to offer.

All of these reasons and more are why we love working with greenways. We’ve worked with many greenways (and connecting sidewalks) in Knoxville, including the First Creek Greenway, Kingston Pike Greenway, and Seven Islands Greenways. We have also worked with greenways in surrounding areas, like the Melton Lake Greenway in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the Cornstalk Heights Historic District Lighting and Pedestrian Trail in Harriman, Tennessee.

There are plenty of local resources about Knoxville’s greenways. The City of Knoxville has an online list of every greenway in Knoxville, as well as a handy PDF map highlighting each trail.

IMG_7502Outdoor Knoxville, a local outdoor recreation initiative, also has a list of local greenways. However, they take it a step further by providing etiquette guides for bicyclists and all other users.

Other local groups have also created online resources that allow greenway users of all experience levels to learn more about the “Urban Wilderness” that Knoxville has to offer.

The Knoxville Track Club has a page dedicated to the best greenways in Knoxville for runners. The page also provides resources for greenways in surrounding areas outside of Knoxville.

Knox County Parks & Recreation has a page that lists some of the area greenways with descriptions (length, parking information, etc.).

West Knoxville Greenways – This page provides greenway information specific to the West Knoxville area.

Framed Pedestrian Services 117 - Version 3TrailLink provides information and ratings of trails and greenways across the country. Travelers can even search for hotels located near their favorite routes.

While focused more on trails than greenways, this Legacy Parks Foundation page gives information about Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness and provides other resources for those who are interested in outdoor recreation.

Do you have a favorite greenway in Knoxville? Check out our Facebook page and let us know!