#DogTag – Winter Thoughts

I have never really understood this whole changing of seasons thing. One minute there are leaves on the ground and the next, I can’t find a good stick that’s not covered in ice. And not to mention, my humans start dressing really funny. Always wearing shirts that cover up their necks and these big puffy jackets that make them look like marshmallows. I get cold too, but it all seems a little dramatic to me. Don’t get me wrong, when it gets cold, I don’t like to spend nearly as much time outside as I usually do, but I always make an exception to go duck hunting with my humans.

Harold and Lila HuntingWhere is Lila?




I get to wear a super cool camo neoprene vest that keeps me warm, and also looks super fly. But when I am not hunting, I am preparing to spend more time in my warm bed while my humans get our house ready for the changing temperatures that will keep us all nice and cozy. Here are a few tips that I have picked up over the many years of watching my humans:

Plumbing and pipes are the first order of business when it comes to dewinterizing your home. My humans will shut off the water to the outside water sources such as sprinklers and irrigation systems and then drain them to prevent an unwanted bursted pipe. Once they move to the inside of the house, they will drain any hoses and air conditioner pipes while checking for any excess water that may have pooled into the equipment. Another way they try to keep us warmer is by insulating our pipes which will save my humans money on hot water as well as decrease the chances of our pipes freezing.

It may be a pain, but installing a storm door and storm windows, can increase energy efficiency by 45 percent, by sealing drafts and reducing air flow. They also come in handy when the wind starts blowing that cold air outside. Brrrrrrr….

Create a draft snake. I was sad to find out that this one wasn’t a new toy for me. But happy for my humans, that it is and easy and cheap way to stay warm. All you need is a rolled up towel. Place it underneath your doors to prevent the cold air from rushing in, while ensuring that the warm air stays put, which makes for a happy Lila and happy humans.

Trim any nearby trees. Ice and snow will weigh down on any hanging limbs or dead branches, which would leave our home vulnerable to their crash landings. This could also save accidental damage to your vehicles and adorable doggies like me.

Add more insulation to your home. It’s that fluffy pink stuff that I want to chew up and roll around in for days. The majority of heat in your house escapes through the roof, and thus, bulking up on insulation will save you money on your energy bill without breaking the bank. Every home needs a minimum of 12 inches of insulation in their attic.

Lastly, call your local utility company and have an HVAC inspector take a look at your furnace as well as run a check on your heating ducts. I get nearly as excited when he comes as I do when the Fedex deliverer arrives. They know how to spot leaks and can seal them off.

Bonus: Run your ceiling fans in reverse. Switching your blades to run counterclockwise produces warmer currents and can cut your heating bill nearly 10 percent.

Lila in her VestWinter is tough on dogs and humans alike, but I hope that my tips will help you save some warmth and money this holiday season.








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