#dogtag – Labs love water, but ice water?




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Today was a really weird day at Cannon & Cannon.  There I was, enjoying my hard-earned nap, when all of a sudden the humans started going outside with big bowls of water!  Of course I wanted to learn about this new game they were playing, so I followed to investigate.

The two-leggers were playing a new game called Ice Bucket Challenge.  Some of the humans sat down, while other humans poured water on their heads.  I didn’t really understand it.  If they wanted to play and cool off, they should just take me to one of those really big ponds and jump in the water with me!  That would be soooo much fun right now…

CCI's Ice Bucket Challenge

Having fun in the water gave me an idea for today’s #dogtag!  Did you know that awesome dogs, like me, are ENGINEERED to thrive in water?  That’s really cool!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m what’s called a Black Lab, which also means I’m one of the coolest dogs around.  My long-ago Lab relatives originated in Canada, where fishermen liked to play fetch with their dogs by throwing nets in the water (or something like that).

Labs like me have certain traits that make us special—not that it’s hard for people to notice how great we are anyway.

One really cool thing about us is that we have webbed paws.  Webbed paws!  At this point, I’m going to remind you that yes, I am a dog and not a fish.  We have special connectors between our toes to help us move through the water and be strong swimmers.  I like it because the stronger I can swim, the faster I can grab those chewy-looking sticks I see floating in the water!

Dog paw with webbed toes

Not only are our paws specially made, but our tails are, too!  We have REALLY strong tails that work with our paws by helping us change direction while we’re swimming in the water.  So, if I’m swimming after that chewy-looking stick and suddenly see an even CHEWIER-looking stick, I can quickly change direction and grab it!

When I’m having fun in the water, I have to remember that I need to get out every once in a while and check on my humans to make sure they’re doing OK.  I still don’t understand why they don’t always get in the water, but they’ll sometimes play the “throw” game with me from land, so I guess I’m fine with it.

Anyway, when I get out of the water, my fur dries really fast because I have special oils in it that speed up the process.  It doesn’t bother me, because the quicker my fur dries, the quicker I have an excuse to get back in the water to wet it again!


Pretty cool, huh?  I think it’s clear by now that not only are Labs engineered to do well in water, we’re pretty awesome all-around.

I bet my two-leggers at CCI are wishing that they had that quick-drying fur like I do.

CCI's Ice Bucket Challenge

After my CCI humans dried off, I learned that their Ice Bucket game was actually in support of a group that researches ways to help people with a disease called ALS.  One of my CCI two-leggers, Roby, challenged the humans above to participate.  Roby is the one in the red polo pouring water on Angie, my human.  I wonder why Roby is smiling so much???

If you would like to learn more about the ALS ice bucket challenge, please click here:   http://www.alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html