#dogtag – Thanksgiving Thankfulness


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Cannon & Cannon’s “Consulting Canine”

Hello there!

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about my all-time favorite holiday:  HOWL-o-ween! Since then, I was able to do some fun research on our local greenways, but the rest of my time I have spent resting and reflecting, which seems to me to be appropriate for this time of year.

I’ve overheard a lot of the humans I’ve spent time with lately talking about things they are “thankful” for. A few of them have tried to include me in on the conversation, but of course there seems to be a barrier in our spoken conversations with each other. Luckily, as Consulting Canine for Cannon & Cannon, I have an outlet to express my thoughts on the subject!

Here are five things I am thankful for this year:

Toys to Chew On:  Chewing things has always been a pastime of mine, and I’m super thankful that I have awesome humans at homdogtag - Lilae and at Cannon & Cannon who will give me fancy chew toys to help me pass the time. They’re so awesome!

Floor Scraps:  Thanksgiving means a lot of things, but one thing in particular that comes with Thanksgiving is a LOT of food. Lucky for me, the humans around me don’t always notice when food falls on the floor. I get to spend my time around my favorite humans, and also be a good dog and clean up after their spills!

Lots of Farm to Enjoy:  I’m super thankful that I’m fortunate enough to live on a BIG farm with lots of places to run around and sniff. I can explore, chase squirrels, smell things, and even find some cool sticks to chew on!

My Cannon & Cannon Family:  Some of my favorite days are spent patrolling the Cannon & Cannon offices to make sure that everything is in working order (that big leather couch? Definitely in working order). My CCI family is always happy to include me in on top secret meetings and will talk to me about details about upcoming cool projects they are working on. They’re the best!

My Blog Readers:  That’dogtag - Lila 2s right:  You!!! Without readers just like you, I wouldn’t have anyone to share my stories and interesting information with. I’m super-super-duper thankful that I have great readers who learn about things with me through #dogtag.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve got to go and help out in the kitchen (the best way I know how!)—so comment below and let me know:  What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Until next time,

Lila #dogtag