#dogtag – Sniffing Out the Holidays


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Hello, Hello!

Do you smell that?  It smells to me like gingerbread … cinnamon … pine trees … It smells like the holidays!!!!

It’s been really interesting lounging around listening to the humans talk about the presents they are getting each other this year.  Does so-and-so want this … tell this person to get that person this … is this person too old for this? It all seems like a pretty stressful experience to me!

Since I’ve been given the title of Consulting Canine, I thought it might be helpful for me to do some extra consulting work on the side and give my humans some gift ideas.  What better theme for gifts this year than Engineering?!

That’s right!  Now, we all want our pups and children to grow up and be whatever they dream to be, but I think these engineering theme toys would be just plain fun for anyone (future engineer or not)!

   goldieblox_2   goldieblox_3

GoldieBlox works to get more females interested in engineering.  Their belief:  “There are a million girls out there who are engineers.  They just might not know it yet.”  In their shop, they offer toys and kits that feature “cool, interesting, smart, and relatable” role models.  People can even send in pictures of their kids playing with the sets to be featured on their Facebook page!


roominate_1    roominate_2     roominate_3


Along similar lines of GoldieBlox, Roominate believes that many “toys lag behind in the development of spatial skills, hands-on problem solving skills, and confidence with technology.”  Roominate utilizes design, crafts, storytelling alongside building and circuits to teach kids while they play.  Pretty cool if I do say so myself!



Rosie Revere, Engineer

In this book, by Andrea Beaty, Rosie Revere hides away at night in her room and constructs inventions that she’s afraid to show anyone else.  It’s a great book that encourages kids to be proud of their creations.


K’NEX produces construction toys that provide “pure enjoyment” as well as a positive educational impact.  Boys and girls of all ages can build creations that have no limit on complexity or creativeness.




Arduino is an Open Source Hardware platform that “enables everyday people with little or no technical background to build interaction products.”  Know of someone who could be interested in computer science?  This might be a good place to start!

To make things EVEN EASIER for engineering-minded gift givers this holiday season, Purdue University has created this handy-dandy “Engineering Gift Guide” that covers games, movies, books, toys, and even downloadable apps!

I sure do hope this helps some of the last-minute shoppers out there!  I’m also sure there are many more engineering-themed gift ideas out there, so please comment below if you know of other great ideas.

Also, in case my humans are asking, I do enjoy chew toys ;)

Until next time,

Lila #dogtag