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Last time on #dogtag, I talked about how Labs were specially engineered to thrive in the water.  However, sometimes my Lab buddies want to stay dry when it’s raining or relax in the shade when it’s sunny.  What better way to do that than with an awesome doghouse?

Even though some might think I would have a good perspective on the doghouse market, I still had to put my paws to work and do some research on my own.  Did you know that there are people all over the world who engineer fantastic houses just for their dogs?  Other dogs out there will agree when I say that our humans only think they own their houses, but it is nice to have a guesthouse right in the back yard…

I learned that there are some dogs that have to live in places where it snows ALL THE TIME.  Doghouses for these dogs are made differently so the dogs don’t get too cold.  In the video below, you can see an example of a sled dog house that sits off the ground so it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

dogtag1  dogtag2 dogtag3
Speaking of keeping dogs warm, these humans created a doghouse to keep their dogs warm, too.  Instead of making it sit off the ground, they put insulated siding on it so it could keep their dogs warm all around!

dogtag4 dogtag5 dogtag6
In the summer, I really love running around outside and chasing things.  However, sometimes the running makes me really tired and HOT!  I would love a house like this one so I could curl up underground a little bit to cool off!

dogtag7 dogtag8 dogtag9
This last video is super awesome because it gives future Doghouse Engineers some great ideas for building houses for their four-legged owners!

dogtag10 dogtag11 dogtag12
One thing I didn’t realize when doing all this research on doghouses was that Doghouse Engineers actually have a lot to think about during the building process.  A dog is supposed to stand and lay down comfortably in a doghouse, but it shouldn’t be too big that the house can’t retain heat in the colder months.  Doghouses should also be at least two inches off the ground for insulation and in case of flooding.  During the winter, dogs should have dry straw or wood chips to line the bottom of the house because they retain heat better than a blanket or a towel (which holds water and ice easier).

I had no idea so much thought went into making houses for dogs like me!  Maybe one of my humans at CCI will read this and want to engineer a house for me right at CCI headquarters?