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Hello!  Helloooooo!

Wait…something is biting my leg…Got it.

Welcome back to #dogtag!  It’s been a little while since I last barked out a blogtag, so let me “paws” a minute to remind you who I am.

My name is Lila, at least that’s what the two-leggers call me.  But all my friends in the dog-blogosphere know me by the handle #dogtag.

Excuse me…but…I smell something.  Onion…no…biscuit…shoe…not a shoe Lila, c’mon, get a hold of yourself.  Carpet?  Grass?  Good heavens that’s not grass.  I’m sorry, where were we?

Oh yes, me!  I am Lila, “Consulting Canine” at Cannon & Cannon in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The last time we met, I introduced you to the amazing and kind people who work at CCI.  They are so nice… isn’t it cute they think I can’t understand what they are saying.   Silly two leggers.

Today’s blog is about what engineers like the awesome people at Cannon & Cannon do to make life better for people AND dogs!

And that’s what today’s #dogtag is all about!


In this edition PLAYTIME!  One of my favorite subjects, I love to play!  Here’s me with my absotutley favorite toy!



Unfortunately, some of the people at CCI have a silly sense of humor.  Why is it up there again? They’re not trying to put it in that magic box of yummy smells are they???


But enough about me!  Today, I want to share with you some of the most AMAZING inventions ever created for dogs like me!

This first video below is one great example of what happens when engineers own dogs.


How awesome is this? If I had this, I could play ALL DAY while my humans at CCI work.

After spending all my time running around chasing tennis balls, I get REALLY thirsty. These people are really cool because they make special popsicles for their dogs! Dogsicles? Pupsicles?

dogtag pupsicle

As much as I love tennis balls and chew toys, I REALLY love playing with my food! This genius engineer invented a toy where dogs like me can have fun while eating kibble.


This two-legger has created a way to make a GPS logging harness. I don’t know how I would feel about this when I want to play hide-and-seek. What if they can tell where I hide my things?


Well, that’s about all for today but if you know anyone who would get a kick out of reading my blog why not throw me a bone?  Just send them this link:


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Until next time!

Lila #dogtag