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Hello, friends! So far, I’ve written to you about how Labs are engineered for the water, showed you designs by awesome Doghouse Engineers, and even introduced you to some of my two-leggers here at the office! Earlier today, I was romping around outside, playing “throw,” when I started thinking. I love chasing balls and stuffed toys, and even finding sticks to play with, but how would I feel if I couldn’t do that?

I put my paws to work and did some research on handicapped/disabled dogs. Did you know there are engineers around the world who have created inventions JUST to make a dog’s life easier? That is so COOL! The whole not-having-thumbs thing can make it pretty difficult for us to build things on our own, so it’s nice that we have these great humans to help us out.


Just like humans, sometimes dogs need a little help moving around, too. Wheelchairs for dogs have been around for a while, but these engineers created a simpler, easily adjustable wheelchair to make it easier for dogs to run and play! dogtag_inv2
Speaking of helping dogs move around, this harness was invented to help dogs with hip and back leg problems feel years younger.


Some dogs can’t jump as high as other dogs to get to places they need to go. This engineer created steps for one lucky pooch and even made a video with instructions so other humans can do the same for their dogs!


This last invention is pretty cool. For dogs that have bad backs, this harness is like a back brace for dogs and will keep a dog stabilized even when it’s really excited and wiggly (like when it’s time to go outside and play).

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited that there are engineers in the world who think of their four-legged friends when they’re inventing new things.

Do you know any dogs that use special inventions like these? Do you know of any other special inventions for dogs? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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