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Hello, Friends!

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I believe my last post was when I wished for a snow day. Well, I got my wish … but I think now, almost two months later, everyone is ready for this warm weather we’re having!

I thought at first some of the Cannon & Cannon staffers weren’t very happy that spring weather is on its way. I though my ears had deceived me and some said that they were “mad” that March is here!

Doesn’t make sense, right? Luckily, someone finally explained to me about something called “March Madness.” From what I can tell, it’s kind of like a party where humans try to guess winners of basketball games. I wanted to play, too, so some of my humans agreed to sit with me to pick out my guesses on something called a “bracket.”

I take my job as Consulting Canine very seriously, so before we put anything on paper I decided to put my paws to work and do some research on this “March Madness” game.

I was absolutely shocked to realize that many of my humans are going about their brackets in the WRONG way. They keep looking at numbers and different types of statistics (that I don’t really understand), when it’s clear what they should really be doing. Competitors choose mascots, which can be animal or human, to represent an entire team. These mascots are the driving force behind the competition. The more powerful the mascot, the better chance that team will win. It’s obvious, and I give myself a pretty hefty pat on the back for my quick understanding.

Keeping all this in mind, I went back to my humans to pick out my bracket, which you can look at below. They pushed for me to choose a few teams based on percentages, seeding, conferences, and a few other weird words, but I’m happy to say that I took most of the control over this board. Here are a few highlights (I found these great mascot images from this Washington Post article):

kentuckyWildcats     vs.     westVirginiaMountaineers

This choice was one that I had a hard time with, but my humans convinced me to go along with their recommendation. Between the Kentucky Wildcats and the West Virginia Mountaineers, the Wildcats won in my bracket. This game is still pretty early, so I don’t quite feel like I’ve betrayed canines everywhere, yet.

baylorBears     vs.     georgiaStPanthers

Sometimes in my dreams I pretend I’m a bear. Bears are engineered to run really fast and they’re really strong. Plus, a squirrel could never chicken-out of a chase by running up a tree if I were a bear … Ahem! Anyway, between the Baylor Bears and the Georgia State Panthers, the Bears would totally win.

villanovaWildcats     vs.     lafayetteLeopards

Choosing between the Villanova Wildcats and the Lafayette Leopards was a little bit of a harder choice. They’re both felines, so technically they should both lose, but I had to choose someone. Ultimately, I chose the Wildcats because I’ve never seen a leopard before. I have seen cats, wild ones, and they are terrifying.

kentuckyWildcats     vs.     butlerBulldogs

Take that, you silly cats! Of course there’s no question who would win in this game. Butler Bulldogs, all the way. I don’t even have to explain myself.

butlerBulldogs     vs.     gonzagaBulldogs

I gloated over my easy choice too soon, because with the Butler Bulldogs beating the Wildcats, they ended up again the Gonzaga Bulldogs! How am I supposed to choose? I looked to my humans for a little help on this one, and in the end I chose the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Disclaimer:  I would have them both win if I was allowed to.

There are plenty of other match-ups in my bracket below, and even more games involving feline mascots that are sure to lose (I didn’t want to give them too much publicity). Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time,

Lila #dogtag


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