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Hello, Again!

I thought today might be a good day to give you all a quick update on how this March Madness game is going. Many of the other humans at Cannon & Cannon are playing along with me … and let’s just say they all seem to have a pretty good knack at this thing!

Last time I wrote, I told you all about some of my picks on my bracket. I had a pretty good theory about the team’s chances of winning based on their mascot (the more powerful the mascot, the more likely chance the team will win).


Well, it seems like my amazing sniffing skills don’t quite sniff out basketball predictions as well as my human counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that I’m completely out!

kentuckyWildcats     vs.     westVirginiaMountaineers

One of the more difficult decisions of my bracket will be decided tonight when the Kentucky Wildcats play the West Virginia Mountaineers. My humans recommended that I go with the Wildcats (against my better judgment), which means if they win they will be matched up against either the Notre Dame Fighting Irish or the Wichita State Shockers.

arizonaWildcats     and     wisconsinBadger

The Arizona Wildcats and the Wisconsin Badgers aren’t competing against each other (yet), but they’re both two mascots that I’ve predicted will get pretty far in the March Madness games. Tonight, the Wildcats play the Xavier Musketeers, and I am almost sad to say that I am rooting for the cats to win … Well, whoever does win tonight will play against either the Badgers or the North Carolina Tar Heels.


I’m still pulling for the Gonzaga Bulldogs to win overall. Tomorrow night they are competing against the UCLA Bruins instead of the Iowa State Cyclones, like I had predicted, but the important thing is that they still have a chance to be the champions!

I’ve also predicted that Gonzaga will go against the Duke Blue Devils in the next game and win, so my paws are crossed!

As a reminder, I got these fun mascot emojis from this Washington Post article.

So far, this has been really fun! My humans are excited to see who wins the next games, and I know that I’ll get some nice scratches behind the ears no matter who wins. Since this is my first March Madness, I wonder if we get to have a celebration. It would be nice to go outside and play…

Stay tuned for more updates, and click the image below to see my original March Madness Bracket!

Until next time,

Lila #dogtag