#dogtag – Engineering to Keep Pups Cool in the Summer


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Hello, Friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write up a post. I believe the last time you heard from me was when my humans and I were playing a March Madness game**.

What has my excuse been for neglecting #dogtag for so long? Honestly, I’ve been spending all my time enjoying the great outdoors! The weather has been getting warmer, which means I’ve been able to run around outside more with my toys and my humans.

Recently, I was out in the heat chewing on one of my favorite toys and I thought, “Boy, it is really hot out here!” My mouth was dry and I was panting so hard I thought I might explode! Easily enough, I went and got myself a drink of water, but then I started thinking … are there any handy inventions in the world that are engineered for dogs in the summer heat? I could TOTALLY make that a new #dogtag post!

In my normal Lila fashion, I put my paws to work and did some research on the subject. I was really surprised with what I uncovered!

In the summer, some dogs are lucky enough to have their own big bowl of water to play in:

Some of those dogs even make it a formal occasion:

However, sometimes a pup needs a little something “extra” when playing in a big bowl of water. I learned that some pups and their humans can be pretty creative with household items:

Or toys that are normally made for humans:

Not every pup has this luxury every summer, and some pretty smart engineers around the world have realized that. So what CAN those pups looks forward to in the summer?

Frozen water bowl insert:  The insert is kept in the freezer and then put under a water bowl to keep the water nice and cold even in the summer heat.


Ice Bone:  Sometimes a pup wants to cool off, but isn’t necessarily thirsty. This ice bone is something great to chew on, and it’s nice and cold at the same time!


Doggie Fountain:  For the dog that enjoys playing with water, but wants to pick and choose when to play. This thing is SO COOL! You can just put your paw there, on that paw, and then water shoots out, and–and … well, you get it, right?


It’s a PUP TENT. Get it? Get it?!?! I crack myself up sometimes … Anyway, this pet canopy lets dogs enjoy the outside weather while staying in the shade AND it has the added bonus of being off the ground to keep a pup’s elbows from hurting due to hard surfaces.

There are lots more neat inventions for dogs out in the world, but these are my favorites (plus I was able to find shopping links to these inventions in case my #dogtag fans are in the market to buy a summer treat for the special pups in their lives).

I’m going to leave you all with these links to other special web pages you might want to check out:

Pupsicles – This page give you handy DIY information to make “pupsicles” that are safe for your dog to eat. Yum!

Humane Society Summer Pet Safety Tips – Safety first!

Buzzfeed – 11 Things That Will Make Your Pets A Lot Happier This Summer – Just a cute Buzzfeed article about keeping pets cool in the summertime.

Until next time, Friends!!