Giving Thanks in 2015

Cannon & Cannon has a lot to be thankful for in 2015. We have added several team members to our family, had an opportunity to spend another year doing the work that we love, and have grown and learned as a community in the process. But the thing that we are most thankful for is the gift of family and the opportunity to share life with the ones that we love.

Last Wednesday, we held our annual Cannon & Cannon Thanksgiving Lunch where family and friends gathered together and joined hands around the table in gratitude for another year.

We asked our team and their families to write down and tell us what they are thankful for this year. Here is what you said:

Thanksgiving Lunch

This year I am thankful for…

“God’s grace of protection and healing.”

“Freedom and the ones who sacrifice to keep our country free.”

“Ordinary days.”

“My health and my family.”

“The power of prayer and the healing power of God.”

“Everything! The trials and the blessings.”

“Family, friends, and most of all, God’s grace.”

“An awesome community to work with. My family has been blessed by CCI for almost 18 years. They have provided my husband with employment for several years, and now I am lucky enough to be a part too.”

“A job that I love and enjoy that the Lord provided and allowed me to be a part of the CCI family.”

“My family.”

“That God still does miracles! Our son, Cole, is living proof.”

“70 percent vegetation and stabilization.”

“Jesus Christ, my Savior, and for my family and Cannon & Cannon, who has become like extended family.”

Gathering at Thanksgiving