Cannon & Cannon Company Party

Recently, Cannon & Cannon employees and their families gathered at the Cannon family home for a night of food, fun, and family.  Below are a collection of great pictures taken from the event. Just click on any of these thumbnails for a bigger look!

CCI Party_27  CCI Party_26  CCI Party_15  CCI Party_16  CCI Party_1  CCI Party_2  CCI Party_28  CCI Party_17  CCI Party_3

Food for the night was provided by HOOF, a Farm Fresh Food Truck.  There was also a Dessert Competition—everyone was asked to bring a dessert to share, which would then be entered into a competition.  The Patterson’s won with their Chocolate Peanut Butter Trifle along with the Grissom’s with their “Better Than a Day Off Work” Cake.  All of the kids who entered a dessert also won a prize.

CCI Party_6  CCI Party_20  CCI Party_23  CCI Party_5  CCI Party_7  CCI Party_19  CCI  Party_25

There were plenty of games for everyone to participate in, like Corn Hole, Gigantic Jenga, and arts and crafts activities.  The kids had a blast with the marshmallow guns and wore themselves out with the large inflatable obstacle course.

CCI Party_8  CCI Party_10  CCI Party_29  CCI Party_24  CCI Party_22  CCI Party_4  CCI Party_9  CCI Party_21  CCI Party_18  CCI Party_14

After the festivities, everyone gathered around a campfire and watched the Lego Movie shown on the side of the barn.

CCI Party_11  CCI Party_12  CCI Party_13

While many of us at Cannon & Cannon see each other at the office every day, it’s nice to be able to gather together to enjoy family and the little things in life.  We hope to see everyone (and many more) again next year!