Meet Our Team – Mike Waller

Community Development Director, Mike Waller, claims that he is a pretty dull, boring guy, but chatter around the office says otherwise. Mike is known at Cannon & Cannon for his humor and wit, as well as his kindness and joyful presence. Majority rules here, sorry Mike.

Mike Waller

As Community Development Director, Mike is responsible for maintaining high standards for quality assurance, maintaining budgets, tracking project schedules and assessing client needs to assure they are being met. He has served in an engineering capacity in East Tennessee for 38 years.

Sometime around his sophomore or junior year of high school, Mike decided that after years of watching his father as an electrician, he would like to be an electrical engineer. However, he went on to study civil engineering at the University of Tennessee. His career has allowed him to serve as both project and engineering managers.

Mike says that his time at Cannon & Cannon has allowed him the pleasure of “getting to know and work with great people, especially all the other directors.” He enjoys working on long term projects with multiple phases that require coordination with other engineering disciplines. But for Mike, what he enjoys most is the process of working with other people and developing relationships.

He is passionate about mentoring young engineers, “we have a very good group of young guys at Cannon & Cannon.” And when he is not at the office, he says that you could find him tinkering around the house or taking the boat out on the lake to fish.

Mike says that he loves the family and caring atmosphere created by management and the employees at Cannon & Cannon. Mike, the feeling is mutual.